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Rebels, Rockstars, Goddesses and Bitches, unite!

At House of Tindale, we aren’t just selling bags and accessories; we’re pushing for a more genuine way of life for HOT chicks. We’re talking about the essence of the RRGB lifestyle: expressing and empowering our inner selves, fashion and personal style, and what makes all women HOT.

Check out the House of Tindale blog for words of wisdom from our fearless founder, the most current news about our brand and products, spotlights and stories on badass ladies from around the world, advice for authentic living, and more!

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Due to Covid-19 boarder closures, we are unable to access our stock. We are sorry for any inconvenience. If you’re interested in securing one of our truly original show stoppers, please send us a message and we'll contact you when Australia opens up again. Thank you.

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