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Regret is the worst.

Regret because you paid too much. Regret because you didn’t get what you expected. Regret because you didn’t choose something that represents you.

You don’t have time for regret, and neither do we.

We Demand The Highest Quality From Ourselves

You’re smart. You’re hardworking. You love fashion, and you’re not afraid of paying for edgy, unique, beautifully made statement pieces that scream, “This is who I am!” to the world. At House of Tindale, we never want you to feel like your decision to purchase one our products was a mistake. We want you to feel completely confident that your purchase is going toward a gorgeously made item that has been expertly crafted, cared for, and will withstand the test of time.

That’s why we bend over backward to bring you high quality limited edition bags that represent and celebrate who you are.

House of Tindale bags and accessories use materials sourced from around the world. We never choose a material because it’s the cheapest or the easiest to find. Instead, we search for materials that lend themselves to bags that look great, feel amazing, and can handle the wear and tear of everyday life. We use the softest and highest quality leathers, the sturdiest metal hardware that won’t rust or cause harm to your skin, and the finest print satin for our linings. We leave nothing to chance, and even the smallest of details, down to the stitching, is planned with durability and sustainability in mind.

All of our bags are limited edition to 100 worldwide per colour and per style. That means that when you buy from us, you become a member of an exclusive club, as only a handful of women in the world will have the same bag.

Limited edition also ensures the highest standard of craftsmanship. By producing only a set number of bags at a time we drastically reduce waste and the chance of defects. Our bags are hand-constructed by a small team of artisans who work directly with our designer. Before they find their home on your arm, we put them through a rigorous and stringent series of tests and checks to be sure that you’re getting exactly what you pay for. You can read more about our product warranty here.

Confidence is the natural enemy of regret.

Our bags are made with confidence, so that you can express yours.