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Rebel Lifehack #2 “Find Happiness by Giving rather than chasing Profit”

Rebel Lifehack #2 “Find Happiness by Giving rather than chasing Profit”

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We’re back with another episode of RRGB TV – where we help you to unlock your inner rebel, your rockstar, your goddess and your boss, and today we have rebel lifehack number two. Find happiness by giving rather than chasing profit and today my special guest is my gorgeous friend, Conscious Business woman Catherine van der Meulen.

We were talking a little bit earlier about the book The Go Giver and the power of giving rather than taking. Do you want to talk to us a little bit about the movement that you see happening in the business world and why it brings happiness?

I guess it’s lots of different stages and different sectors within the business world. You’ve got your startups, you’ve got your corporate organisations, you’ve got your social enterprises and then you’ve got others like not for profit. I see a lot of those businesses and organisations are starting to actually collaborate together and I think it’s the influence those other businesses, like an NGO or not for profit have on a corporate organisation or on an individuals life, that they can actually see the impact and the outcome of their work. All of these traditional ways of doing business are changing and that mould is changing and individuals are expecting more. Everyone wants to be happier. Everyone wants to create a better more authentic life. And everyone is looking at ways, thinking “Well, if I’m gonna be spending 40 hours a week, or 50 hours a week, or 60” – god help you I could never do that kind of work again – but they want to be able to make sure that it’s related around their lifestyle.

It seems to me that as our consciousness keeps evolving as individuals it comes into the business world as well and the consciousness of big business is starting to change as well. It’s a beautiful thing to see.

And I think it’s probably coming from individuals putting pressure back on to the organisations. Or, you know, the millennials coming up going “I’m not gonna work for an organisation that doesn’t do more with their profit. Or see me or honour me or listen to me and let me have a voice and a say.” And I think a lot of businesses are trying now to empower individuals within the organisation to create happier people cause they realise that happy people create profitability. So it’s not all “Oh let’s create happy people” and there’s no outcome. I still see that they’re thinking about the outcome which is creating better and more profitable organisations.

I agree so much with everything Cath is saying. Here you go guys. We have our rebel lifehack number two. Find happiness by giving rather than chasing profit and remember, we all deserve to shine and say to the world “This is who I am!”



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