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Rockstar Lifehack #2 “How to increase your Profit by following your Passion”

Rockstar Lifehack #2 “How to increase your Profit by following your Passion”

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Unlock your inner rebel, your rockstar, your goddess and your boss with RRGV TV. Today we’re speaking to Conscious Business woman Catherine van der Meulen about our rockstar life hack number two, how to increase your profit by following your passion.

I think you can really only create a sustainable business model if there’s the passion and the drive and the intention behind it because if you’re not actually authentically believing in what you’re doing, how are you actually gonna get other people to believe in what you’re selling or what you’re doing or how are you gonna get your tribe to go on that journey with you if you’re actually not truly and authentically passionate about it? I think it’s been a big game changer for me personally in actually going after what am I truly honestly passionate about and what do I wanna make change in the world with and then being able to drive everything that I do through those passions to create a business and to create great change in the world and I think that comes from the place of passion.

And the thing is I’m finding personally for us is ’cause we’re working long hours, if we didn’t have the passion, you don’t have the energy to keep going and to keep inspiring those people around you. So it’s a very important energy to harness into.

I think the energy in any business and the individuals driving the business, those things come from eating well, exercising, yoga, your mind, meditation, stimulating your brain in different ways through learning and development and that also empowers your passion because I always say go for a run and that’s the cheapest psychologist you’ll ever get and going for a run you start to think of all those different things that you wouldn’t necessarily think about when you’re really stuck in your office or in your environment and getting out for half an hour to go for a run starts to create all these endorphins and gets you thinking very differently and it’s a really great time for me to really connect to what I’m passionate about and also work through some challenges that might be going on in the business or that are going on in life or conflicting ideas that are going on in my head that I can really navigate well sweating my ass off.

Yeah, I came up with some great ones today at the gym when I should have been focusing on my 20th set. It’s interesting when you come in contact with people that are in business and you can tell if they’ve got passion for what they do or not and I find that I’m attracted to those businesses and to those people that are passionate. So it has kind of a pull on you as well.

That’s why it’s also so important to surround yourself in business and if you are just starting out or if you’re in a corporate organisation or whatever stage you’re at is to surround yourself with people that you want to be like, who will be able to exude that energy and be able to share their experiences and surrounding yourself with like-minded people as opposed to, well, I’m really focused on conscious businesses so I’m gonna go and hang out with people who are very unconscious and very toxic. That just wouldn’t make sense to me at all. So making sure that you’re surrounding yourself with those good energies and those like attracts like. The old art of law of attraction.

There we go, guys. We have our rockstar life hack number two, how to increase your profit by following your passion and it feels so good when you do that and remember, we all deserve to shine and say to the world “This is who I am!”




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